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At Vilimont Inc. we create solutions for a sustainable future. The solution is created to match the exact requirements of the customer.Vilimont Inc. has its network worldwide with its headquarter at Toronto,Canada.The organisation looks at success cumulatively, as economic growth,environment protection and social responsibility.

We have team with about two decades, experience in similar industry. Our products, experience and expertise enables us to offer complete, customized solutions. Cooperating closely with customers, we develop new products and innovative production processes, accordingly to help customers to enhance their product/service quality and minimise the cost. We provide technical support to our customers in order to match their quality requirements and have an edge over their competitors

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High performance Laundry stain Removers for commercial and Industrial Laundries/ Dry-cleaners, Hotels & Hospitals Laundries.


Specialty chemicals to upgrade overall quality and efficiency of Laundries and dry-cleaners, and help to have edge over their competitors.


Innovative Laundry detergent giving excellent results with minimum or without use of other chemicals in wash process.


Laundry emulsifiers to upgrade overall quality and efficiency of laundries and dry-cleaners, and help to have edge over their competitors.


Quality and long lasting laundry softeners to cater complete requirements of softness and fragrance for Laundries/ Dry-cleaners.


Range of products for carpet care from carpet shampoo to carpet polishing and stain retardant for Laundries/Dry-cleaners


Wide range of Silicone Softeners and Fluids with different properties and features. Some latest innovative Emulsion/Fluids offered by us, he..


Offering various textile chemicals used as finishing and intermediate products in textile industry to boost overall quality.

Private Branding


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Vilimont Inc. has been a strong advocate of building market identities through customized private branding. There is no better way to establish loyalty and repeat orders than by providing end users with high quality, fairly priced products that can only be purchased from one source. This gives companies a distinct marketplace identity, which distinguishes them from those who carry the “me-too” brands that seem to be available from every other supplier in town. Private branding eliminates restrictions on growth, territory or profit margins.


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