Save Planet

Responsible Care

We advocate “ Responsible Care ” , for Environmental Accountability. Acorn Chemigreen understands its responsibility for safety and is committed for it to its employees, clients, suppliers, communities and environment.


Acorn Chemigreen: for a better city and a better life.

Green Commitment: Stride for Zero accident, zero injury and zero emission; make the community and people safe.

Green Planet

Science defines green as a color in which the light spectrum is dominated by an energy having a wavelength of 520 nanometers. A publisher defines green as a color which is obtained by mixing yellow and blue pigments.A banker defines green as the color which is dominant on all of the United States currency notes.

Acorn Chemigreen defines green as the color of life, the color which rules our planet, the color of Nature and the color which needs to be protected. Acorn Chemigreen has always favored the green way of living and creates application, services and even its own work environment to utilize natural resources as far as possible.



Use Internet and save paper

Use Internet for managing your daily activities instead of printing your tasks on paper. Several web service providers and increasing number of companies like Acorn Chemigreen are replacing the need of doing manual tasks and printing requirements to soft copies. Not only has it saved precious time, but has also helped in reducing the requirement of cutting of trees for paper.


Why accountability for Green Planet ?


We can help Nature to preserve this greenery and get some good benefits as a reward for your divine efforts. This initiative will help to make the world, a better place to live in.